Your Funds and Their Impact on Men Living With Cancer

This World Cancer Day, we’re proud to announce the release of our latest impact report describing the key projects accelerating prostate cancer research and outcomes for men living with the disease.

Cancer affects us all

World Cancer Day is about the people affected by this devastating disease and how our actions can help them, and other like them, by changing the future of men's health.

Local Prize Winners

Lots of goodies currently heading out to our prize winners. Thanks for all your efforts. See who's won what category from our hotly contested Mo Community.

2015 - The Mo Community Highlights

Another great year for Movember. Check out some of our Mo Community's best bits.

Is exercise the best medicine?

Last weekend at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, the Movember Foundation hosted an international meeting to kick start a world’s first clinical trial that will examine the effectiveness of exercise as a medicine against prostate cancer progression.

Preserving a Unique Landmark in Dublin’s Musical and Artistic History

Windmill Lane's iconic Wall might be no longer - but you can now own a lovingly preserved section.

Men's Health In The Farming Community

Irish farmers take better care of their livestock than they do of themselves. That's why we have partnered with the Farmers Journal and Full Health Medical to get farmers thinking about and acting on their health.

Movember Joins Forces With The GAA

For the first time, we're partnering with Ireland's biggest sporting organisation, the GAA, and with the Gaelic Players Association (GPA) - perfect organisations to get really the men's health conversation going in Ireland.

Mid Month Milestone

An audible sigh can be heard this week from Movember Mo Bros and Mo Sistas as the mid-month milestone is reached. The point, some might say, of no return. 

Join Hozier in the #MoChanges studio

Grammy nominee and all round legend Hozier has joined the #MoChanges supergroup to cover "Changes" by David Bowie. Join Hozier and a raft of rock stars on WholeWorldBand to record or mix your own version.  

MOVE at the NYC Marathon

Fifteen runners from around the world toed the line to kick off Movember with an epic first MOVE— 26.2 miles through the Five Boroughs of New York City.  

MOVE of the Week 3 with Olympian Louise Hazel

Want to MOVE with an Olympic athlete? Check out this 30-minute moderate intensity low-impact endurance mix.