4 October 2023

Movember rolls out SpeakEasy workshops in UK and Europe

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This hairy season we’re proud to be rolling out Movember SpeakEasy workshops for UK & EU workplace and community groups who are interested in learning how to support the men in their lives.

We all go through stuff 

No matter who you are, everyone goes through stuff - good and bad. Knowing how to ask the right questions to get the people closest to you to share what's going on can be hard.

Movember SpeakEasy facilitated workshops explore how to go beyond the surface with the people you care about, including your family, friends, and colleagues.

Men-focused, but open to all 

Designed with men in mind, the 90-minute workshops, which are delivered face-to-face or virtually, aim to normalize everyday challenges, and encourage everyone to be more open, especially when they’re going through a tough time.

The sessions are delivered to groups of 30 or more participants, aged 18+ and build skills that foster better social connections, helping friends, family, and workmates to better support each other.

If "big stuff" does come up, the experienced facilitators are able to support participants, while also recommending appropriate follow-up resources to continue the conversation.

From Australia to the EU 

Movember SpeakEasy was originally piloted in Australia as a community-focused project.

Feedback on the project showed that 98% of participants intended to start a conversation using the skills they learned in the workshop and 95% were more aware of the benefits of being open about what is going on in their lives. 

Movember SpeakEasy workshops in the UK and EU will be delivered in partnership with Beyond Equality, a charity that works with men and boys, advocating for gender equality, inclusive communities, and healthier relationships.

I want to know more 

Find out more about Movember SpeakEasy. 

If you are worried about someone, or are in need of immediate support, get support here