MOVE Fundraising Tips

Here’s how to monetise your MOVE commitment and raise money for men’s health

Grooming Tips: Week 2

Keep your Mo ready for the spotlight and growing strong with these grooming tips. 

Exercise As The Best Medicine For Prostate Patients

There serious side to the Mo - like our clinical study using exercise to improve life quality and lifespan of advanced prostate sufferers .

Rock Out With Your Mo Out!

Collaborate with some of the biggest names in rock – and share your track and video to help fundraise for Movember.

MOVE of the Week 2 with TMAC Fitness

Our friends at TMAC Fitness lead us into our second week of staying active for the 30 days of MOVEmber. 

Grooming Tips: Week One

As your Mo starts to take shape, we’ve got some pointers to help you groom and style your way through the month ahead.  

7 Tips to Get Started

It's a long, hairy journey that lies ahead of you. But here are 7 tips to help you start off on the right foot and make the most of your Movember experience. 

Take The Stairs Day

Being active makes a huge difference to both your physical wellbeing – but most Irish people just aren’t active enough. That’s why we're bringing you National Take the Stairs Day.  

MOVE of the week with RPM

We want to help you get a MOVE on by giving you a MOVE of the week. The first: A 20-minute jump rope circuit courtesy of RPM Fitness.  

Golden Discs - Our Golden Goose

The good people at Golden Discs, Movember Ireland’s longest-standing Major Partner, are putting their money where their Mo’s are again this year.

Know why you Mo

Whether you're doing Movember to change the world or just to hang out, MOVE or get hairy, we want you to celebrate the good times, have the big conversations, and talk about why you Mo. 

Moga: yoga designed to make you MOVE

Physical inactivity’s a big problem in Ireland. Moga will help you to get MOVing.