Be strong. Open up.

This year marks L’Oréal Men Expert’s sixth year of partnership with Movember.

Together, we want to challenge what it means to be the world’s strongest man and show that opening up is a sign of strength.

Because sometimes, the heaviest weight can be lifted by starting a conversation.

Tom Stoltman


The official World’s Strongest Man opens up about the emotional strength it took to free himself from the shackles of his bedroom to opening up in the gym, going from strength to strength and becoming the World’s Strongest Man two years in a row.

Jake Daniels


The UK’s firstly openly gay professional footballer in 32 years opens up about the relief he felt having found the emotional strength to open up to his friends, family, and teammates and the weight lifted by doing so. A true representative of emotional strength.

Jordan Stephens


Writer, musician, producer, and ultimately, truth teller. Jordan eloquently explains how he was “famous at 19, sold a million records by 21, and lost myself at 25”- he’s came out the other side of his mental health journey and wants to challenge what it means to be a strongman.

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Our partnership is on a mission to challenge the stigma around men opening up and help encourage men of all ages to show their vulnerable side with pride and start a conversation.

To access helpful resources on how to have conversations with the men in your life who might be struggling, check out Movember Conversations.


Starting conversations with men who are struggling may seem daunting. But getting them to open up can be easier with practice. Over 90% of users say Movember Conversations improved their confidence and understanding of how to reach out to men in their lives who may be struggling.


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