Auston's back

For the third year in a row, hockey icon and moustache connoisseur, Auston Matthews, is back raising life-changing funds in support of Movember.

With one of the most celebrated moustaches in the NHL, Auston is using the power of his Mo to spark conversations about men’s health all month long. Help Auston change the face of men’s health.

Calling all hockey fans

Movember teamed up with CCM and Number 34 himself to create custom, moustache-inspired gear. Enter an NHL auction to bid on limited edition, Movember-branded, game-used, and Auston Matthews-signed CCM stick and skates. The auction runs from November 22 until December 5, 2022, to support Auston’s fundraising efforts for Movember. So, what are you waiting for? Bid now and get a piece of hockey history.

An image of Auston Matthews' CCM x Movember hockey skates

So far, Auston has raised:

The Mo lives on

For the past two years, there’s been a bounty on Auston’s epic moustache.

In 2021, fans voted to shave it off and the world got its first glimpse since he came into the league at a moustache-less Auston Matthews.

But, a fresh-faced Auston quickly realized…Movember isn’t about dividing the community, it’s about the many conversations his Mo started in the first place.

So, this year, the moustache stays. This year, it’s about the conversations the Mo starts. This year, it's about the conversations your Mo starts.

We’re inviting fans across North America to join in the conversation and donate to Team Auston in support of men’s mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer.


Why I Mo

“This Movember, I’m excited to once again put this moustache to good use and raise some funds for a great cause.

I’ll be repping it all Movember long with the hopes it continues to spark conversation in support of men’s health.”

- Auston Matthews

Where the money goes

Check out two of the game-changing men's health projects your donations fund.

Movember Conversations logo
Movember Conversations

Starting conversations with men who are struggling may seem daunting. But getting them to open up can be easier with practice.

Movember Family Man logo
Movember Family Man

Family Man is a research-backed online parenting program designed with dads in mind. It’s proven to work and has been developed alongside leading global child behavior experts.

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