A group celebrating a win at an awards ceremony.
LugMo Challenge team at Ireland Mo Awards 2022Image by: Movember
A group celebrating a win at an awards ceremony.
3 April 2023

Mo Awards 2023 shortlist announced

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Irish Mo-Family, we are delighted to announce the nominations for our coveted Mo Awards for 2023. This year we have taken it upon ourselves not just to hand out awards to those absolute superstars at the very top of the leaderboards, but we have 6 additional awards in exciting new categories, acknowledging not just how much has been raised for men’s health, but the impact you as our community have made in other ways.

Congratulations to all our nominees. It was incredibly difficult to narrow down this list as we have such an awesome community filled with so many brilliant people and businesses. If there were an award for being legends, you would all win. Everyone who took part in Movember 2022 should hold their heads high and walk tall – you are truly changing the face of men’s health.

Movember wouldn’t be Movember without you.

Here are our shortlisted nominees for the hairy season just passed:

The 2022 Rookie Award

This Mo took part in Movember for the first time in 2022, and they made an IMPACT! Whether they were an individual with a hugely moving story that brought you to tears, or someone that inspired their community in the most spectacular way, they deserve to be recognised for making an entrance into the hairy world of Movember with a bang.

The nominees are: David King, Jake Ryan, James Kenny, Kelan Dempsey.

The 2022 Grow Award

From the wispy one to the oddly sexy one, they all make a difference and save lives. This is someone who’s facial hair made you drop everything and applaud as it went past, or maybe a dedicated year on year Mo whose moustache will forever live rent free in your thoughts. We pay homage to our finest 'Grower' of 2022.

The nominees are: Matt Curran, Michael Collins, Sé McCormack, Seamus Clancy.

The 2022 Move Award

Whether it's 6, 60 or 600km, every move for Movember makes a difference. The Move award goes to those that have gone the distance in the name of men's health. They’ve literally gone above and beyond either by the distance they covered or having completed their challenge in the face of adversity.

The nominees are: Aleksandar Stojanovic, David Lawlor, Head to Head Challenge (Frontline Mo Bros), Seán Cooney.

The 2022 Host Award

This award goes out to all the hosts who have brought people together in the name of men's health. From quizzes to parties, these Mo-ments are what make Movember special.

The nominees are: Aaron Crampton, For Bernard, Keith Fox, Treat Yo Self & Sprioc Fitness.

The 2022 Mo Your Own Way Award

Some people just don't fit the Mo-uld. This award goes to the person who has made their own way in support of Movember. There’s absolutely no shortage of wild and whacky fundraisers, but these people really embodied the concept of Mo Your Own Way, in choosing their own creative way to get involved in the Movember campaign.

The nominees are: Eamonn Duff, Glen Tyson, Jack Nolan, Jonathan Tuft.

The Showing How its Done 2022 Award

For the Mo Bro or Sister who made it their mission to create campaigns with a difference. From low key personal Mo'ments to big scale plans, they changed attitudes and behaviours towards men's health.

The nominees are: Antoinette Geoghegan, Gary Craig, Ivens Zambrano, Peter Larkin.

We wish all our nominees the very best of luck on the night.