How to hit your target before the finish line
Hit your target. We dare you.Image by: Movember
How to hit your target before the finish line
14 November 2021

How to hit your target before the finish line

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You’re on the home stretch. Are you on the way to hit your goals? How’s your motivation? Does a teammate need one more message of encouragement or a well-chosen inspirational meme?

A good way to re-charge your fundraising batteries is to remind yourself why you're doing this. You're supporting life-changing mental health programmes, groundbreaking research, innovative health projects, and scientific breakthroughs for cancer treatments.


To date, the Movember community has funded over 1,250 men’s health projects across more than 20 countries. Cheering you on to that finish line will be innovative men’s health programmes like:

Movember Conversations – an online interactive tool for practical guidance on how to talk to someone who might be struggling.

Family Man – a parenting program for dads, packed with proven techniques to bring out the best behaviour in (mostly loveable) little terrors.

Social Connections Challenge – grants for new digital and technology ideas to address social isolation.

Making Connections – funding for US community initiatives to improve mental health and wellbeing for men and boys of colour, as well as veterans and their families.

True North – a digital resource to support and guide men living with and beyond prostate cancer. It also supports their families, partners and carers.

Nuts & Bolts – a digital resource to support and guide men living with and beyond testicular cancer.

Explore Movember's impact in detail


How close are you to your target? How about your team’s combined target?

Don’t just be satisfied with getting over the finish line – go big and Mo for gold.

Why you Mo – remind your supporters about the work Movember does. Do you have a personal motivation that you can share?

Share your mo-gress - use the Movember app to create a timelapse video of your Mo growth to wow your mates and encourage those final donations. Or use one of the many filters to add that Movember touch to your photos, then spread them far and wide across your networks. Find the app in the app store or google play.

Mo the extra mile – what will you do to hit your target? Would you dye your Mo or keep it until Christmas? Sneak in a one-week squat challenge? What about wearing fancy dress in a Zoom meeting? What would your donors give to see you Mo further?

Find your perfect match – Our legendary partners at Gillette are here to up the ante: for every donation of £25 or more that you receive from 9am on Friday 26th Movember, Gillette will add £25 to your Mo Space. They’ve got an incredible £70,000 to donate, so get in there quick before it runs out!

You can find more ideas to finish Movember on a high in our 7 Days to Mo Guide.

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