How Pringles' Mr P. and Movember got people sharingImage by: Movember
2 cans of Pringles with Mr P's moustache as a QR code
2 November 2023

How Pringles’ Mr P and Movember got people sharing

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Since 2020, Movember have been a proud partner with Pringles. We have teamed up with Pringles since 2020, starting out in Tesco in the UK and raising £100,000 and since then our partnership has grown ever year.

Now the Pringles campaign has taken over the UK. From your local newsagent, to airports, with Pringles Europe donating €500,000 to Movember, all so we can fund more projects, which help men live longer and healthier lives.

Movember hits the cans

In 2023, for the first time ever, Movember appeared on cans of Pringles in the UK and Ireland.

The goal of our campaign was simple; equip Pringles shoppers with the tools they need to have conversations with the men in their lives who might be struggling.

We replaced Mr P’s iconic mo with a QR code, which took customers to our conversation tool, Movember Conversations.

Here, customers were invited to complete a practice conversation and given tips along the way to direct them to the responses most likely to get the best reaction.

The results

The campaign has been a huge success, with over 118,000 scans of Mr P’s Mo and thousands of conversations.

We've also had fantastic support from retailers across the UK and Ireland, with aisles transformed around the country to make the campaign impossible to miss.

Not only has the campaign featured in stores, it's also made it to Manchester and Gatwick airport as well as taking over WHSmith in Waterloo with a store wrap.

Along the way, we also called on some Rugby Royalty in the form of Mike Tindall and James Haskell, to encourage men to get talking about mental health.

Talk Thru Cinema

At a first of its kind 'Talk Thru' cinema; the public was invited to watch the classic comedy film, Hot Fuzz, whilst flipping the cinema taboo, by encouraging people to open up to their neighbour.

The idea came from research that showed men are up to a third more likely to broach a difficult topic alongside doing an activity.

We’ve been delighted how the campaign has come to life and reached so many people and we can’t wait to see what comes next.