Jonathon Forbes
18  year  Mo Bro
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Target: €1,000
raised €19,226 since 2007
My motivation
Fundraising for cause areas including:
Mental health and suicide prevention

This year I'll be taking on the Dublin Marathon, 42km wearing full firefighter PPE, Helmet and BA Set, weighing 22kg, all in aid of Movember

To help in the fight against cancer and bring awareness and support to men's mental health !

International Man of Movember 2015.
Irishman, Father, Husband, Firefighter, Paramedic, Soldier

How I'm
getting involved
Frontline Mo-Bro's
Team captain Jonathon Forbes
€0 Team funds raised
0 of 60 kilometres
I'm moving 60km this Movember for the 60 men we lose each hour of every day.
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14 Week(s) Ago
Donation from:
Keith Wilson

Open day

14 Week(s) Ago
Donation from:
Keith Wilson

Open day

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17 Week(s) Ago

Hey Jonny,

I wanted to say a huge thank you for the amazing amount you have raised so far – you’re a Mo Legend. The incredible effort of running the marathon in full kit is EPIC.

Your leadership of the Frontlin Mo Bros again this year is inspiring, thank you so much. Shout anytime throughout the month if you can do anything to support beyond what Cait is already doing with you.

Massive thanks.

United we Mo

Sarah, Mo HQ

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17 Week(s) Ago
I ran 42.62 km05:44:13

18 Week(s) Ago
I ran 10 km01:00:43

18 Week(s) Ago
I ran 7.41 km00:44:11

19 Week(s) Ago
I ran 10 km01:04:52

19 Week(s) Ago
I ran 30.25 km03:14:17

20 Week(s) Ago
I ran 12 km01:11:53

20 Week(s) Ago
I ran 20 km02:15:54

20 Week(s) Ago
I ran 23 km03:01:27

21 Week(s) Ago
I ran 24.16 km02:35:18

21 Week(s) Ago
I ran 15.19 km01:50:04

21 Week(s) Ago
I ran 12 km01:12:54

22 Week(s) Ago
I ran 15 km01:59:28

23 Week(s) Ago
I ran 8 km01:02:04

24 Week(s) Ago
I walked 18.89 km04:49:26

24 Week(s) Ago
I ran 5.47 km00:32:10

24 Week(s) Ago
I ran 22.04 km02:40:05

25 Week(s) Ago
I ran 11 km01:27:33

25 Week(s) Ago
I ran 10 km00:58:56

26 Week(s) Ago
I ran 21.1 km02:14:41

27 Week(s) Ago
I ran 10 km01:25:50

56 Week(s) Ago

Welcome to the Dublin Marathon 2023 Challenge Page!

Everyone who is doing the marathon through Movember will be added here, so you can see who else is running with you.

Please check your email for information on World Cancer Day this February 4th, and a request for your t-shirt size.

Mo love,


65 Week(s) Ago

Hi Johnny!

THANK YOU! From the bottom of the hearts of all of Mo HQ, thank you for your awe-inspiring fundraising this Movember.

The impact you’ve made raising awareness and fundraising to help stop men from dying too young in mo-numental. This includes ground-breaking projects –such as our new HUGS@HOME project we’re funding with RCSI to provide mental health support for frontline workers.

Thank you for all of your support and for being the mo-legend that you are!

We could not do it without you,

Ashley, Mo HQ

227 Week(s) Ago

Note: As donations can be made privately, not all donations are displayed to the public.