Epic fundraisers around the world

The Movember community’s commitment to changing the face of men’s health is nothing but incredible.

Year after year, our legendary fundraisers show their amazing passion for the cause – and this year is no different.

Here are 9 epic fundraising ideas from around the world that support Movember and men’s health.

A costume a day, all day, every day

A woman in a spectacular Elizabethan costume, toasting a gauntlet to camera.
Movember fundraising

How’s this for epic creativity? Mo Sister Sibilah pledged to wear a costume for each day of the month – no matter where she is. That could be in a meeting, in the street, in the supermarket or at a café. The costume selections are spectacular: there’s the Statue of Liberty, a strawberry get-up, Maleficent, Halloween-themed horror, a pirate outfit… it’s nothing short of enchanting.

Pushing for a lawn mower world record

A man in Movember-branded attire, pushing a lawnmower.
Movember fundraising

For his tenth Movember campaign, Mo Bro Bradley pushed to break a world record like no other: the farthest distance in 24 hours pushing a mower by an individual. He aimed to walk over 108km in 24 hours, cutting grass like a champion and pushing a Stanley Fatmax V20 Lawn Mower. In the end, he did an incredible 124km!

Cycling the length of New Zealand

Three friends in riding attire, posing with their bicycles before a lighthouse.
Movember fundraising

Mo Bro’s Liam, Kaleb and Matt are cycling the length of their beloved New Zealand. What started as a plan to reconnect between friends morphed into an adventure to raise awareness for men’s health. Now they’re cycling 3000km (about 1860 miles) across New Zealand’s main islands.

Straight from the horse’s mouth

A photo of a horse looking to camera, a hairy moustache around its mouth. A smiling man has his arm around its head.
Movember fundraising

Draper is a proud member of Canada’s Toronto Police Services Mounted Unit and Team Toronto Police Follicle Force. His moustache is undeniably impressive – and with the support of the Toronto Police Association, the team is sparking many important conversations.

A tough hike carrying a 1.5m timber Mo

A man sitting in a forest, looking contemplative, holding a black Movember logo in the shape of a moustache.
Movember fundraising

Mo Bro Kane is hiking one of the toughest tracks in Victoria, Australia. But wait – not only is he doing it four times over, he’s also carrying a solid timber Mo, spanning over 1.5 meters. He says the symbolism represents the weight that people living with a mental health condition feel on their shoulders.

Cycling 6,000 miles across the United States

Portrait black and white photo of a man looking to camera, decked in full bike riding gear.
Movember fundraising

Mo Bro Pete is completing a 6,000-mile endurance ride across the United States. He’s raising much-needed funds for men’s health and aims to promote a positive post-pandemic message of health, happiness, mental wellbeing and friendship.

Being a brain for mental health

A man looking to camera, wearing a large costume in the shape of a blue and white human brain.
Movember fundraising

Mo Bro Harry says he learnt a lot about emotions and feelings after a prolonged period treating people in high-dependency COVID units. It’s one reason why he ran a 5km race dressed in a large, blue brain. His mission? To raise awareness for men’s mental health.

Freediving under an iceberg in your underwear

Spectacular underwater view of a man, dressed in thigh-long underwear, diving and holding onto an iceberg.
Movember fundraising

Mo Bro and filmmaker Luke shot this extraordinary video in Arctic conditions to help raise awareness for men’s mental health. In this short film he swims under an iceberg in Greenland, wearing only a pair of Sheath Underwear. That meant no oxygen tank, no mask and no wetsuit in 28 °F water (that’s -2 °C).

Riding 20,000 miles over the Americas

Black and white photo of two people looking sideways to camera, dressed in full gear and sitting on a motorcycle.
Movember fundraising

Roy Love served more than 30 years in uniform – and he says suicide rates among active-duty military members remain too high. Now that he’s retired, he’s supporting those who take care of us. He and others who wore a uniform will ride 20,000 miles from the United States to Chile and Argentina – and back – to support Movember.

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