12 December 2014

A letter of reflection and appreciation for Movember 2014

Sincere Thanks
My fellow Mo’s,
Now that the month of Movember is over, I’ve spent time reflecting on the incredible journey we shared. I wanted to take a moment to share my appreciation for all the great work the Mo Bros and Mo Sistas did during the campaign. Our legacy will certainly have an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health.
Globally, more people than ever before saw the Movember campaign, and the conversations about men’s health were heard loud and strong. Numerous touching and inspirational stories were shared with me and others at MO HQ, proving that the fun we have during Movember not only raises crucial funds, but results in men actually talking about the importance of their health and taking action.
The Movember Foundation has been in existence for 11 years and never before has its impact been greater. During that time, we’ve pioneered global collaboration by bringing the best researchers and healthcare providers together to work on tough issues in the areas of prostate and testicular cancer. We are currently funding over 850 programmes worldwide, some of which are looking for cures and advanced treatment options for prostate and testicular cancer. We are on a path to effectively curing those diseases. It won't be one cure, but many - none of which would be possible without your support.  
Personally, there have been many highlights this month, but two rank at the top of the list. Meeting and spending the afternoon with the world’s oldest Mo Bro Carl Falck in Norway was exceptional. At 107 he is the perfect example of what we aim to achieve - men living longer, happier and healthier lives – and he certainly was happy and healthy. The other moment was several years in the making – a prostate cancer breakthrough discovered by Professor Robert Bristow and his team out of Canada. With Movember Foundation funds, Professor Bristow’s research found that men have a genetic “fingerprint” within their cancer cells, which means that patients who have aggressive prostate cancer can now receive a more tailored treatment plan from their doctor. This personalised medical approach will improve cure rates in patients with aggressive prostate cancer, and allow doctors to not over treat patients who do not have aggressive prostate cancer.
On behalf of everyone at Movember – the board, staff, our men’s health partners - thank you. You are the true champions of this movement and it is humbling to watch so many Mo Bros and Mo Sistas support the cause and engage in open conversation about men’s health.

Together we are changing the face of men's health.
Thank you and Mo On,

 Adam Garone