29 November 2014

The end is near. Make sure you didn't Mo in vain by doing all you can this moustache season.

Finish Strong
As Movember 2014 draws to a close we want you to take a moment and appreciate your efforts for all they are worth and reflect on why you participated in the first place. Have you done all you can to change the face of men's health this moustache season?

Shake out those donation boxes, send in any cash and cheque donations you received during the month, and make sure you've done the follow tasks before you say goodbye to your Mo.

✓ Double Your Donation: Ask donors if their employer will gift match the amount of their donation.

If you’re standing for change, chances are the company you work for will stand behind you. Many companies encourage charitable giving amongst their employees by doubling or tripling a donation through gift matching programmes. Contact your HR team, present them with the Movember gift matching form, and help them see the power of the Mo.

✓ Sending in Cash or Cheque Donations: Easy tips on how to send in your cash or cheque donations.

Donors can donate directly to your Mo Space using a credit card, post a cheque made out to 'The Irish Cancer Society (Movember)' with your registration number written on the back, or give you cash or a cheque directly. But please do not send cash in the post! If your donors don’t need a receipt you can collect and add up all cash and cheque donations you’ve received and make a donation from your Mo Space or post the Donation Form and any cheques/money orders to:

The Irish Cancer Society - Movember
43-45 Northumberland Road
Dublin 4
When your donors want a receipt, just be sure to fill out a separate Donation Form for each donation.

✓ Win Prizes: Hit fundraising milestones and qualify to win awesome prizes like a Playstation bundle, Marshall Amplification prizes or a limited edition Official Soup Guard of Moustache Growers. There’s still time to bring in donations - prize deadline is December 9.

One-of-a-kind Movember prizes have been generously donated by some of our amazing Movember partners. Hit a few fundraising milestones and you can be entered into the €25 prize draw for a Playstation Bundle, the €50 prize draw for a Marshall Amplication fridge and headphones, membership into the Platinum Club, and tons more. While there is no deadline to send in donations, you’ll want to get them in by December 9th to be eligible for all the great prizes. Check out the rewards section of your Mo Space page to find out which prizes you’re eligible for and what you may have already qualified to win.

✓ Snap one last selfie. Documenting the finished follicle product is sure to drum up some final donations.