2 November 2014

Here are a few tips on how to get involved, start raising funds and how to begin your hairy journey to change the face of men's health

The Fund Razor's Guide
Here are a few tips on how to get involved, start raising funds and how to begin your hairy journey to change the face of men's health.

Sign Up
It may seem obvious, but forget to sign up and your Mo won't be official. An official Mo is exponentially more affective and has a much greater impact than one that isn't signed up. Start a team, join a team of sign up as an individual this Movember.

Know why you Mo
Everybody loves an educated Mo Bro & Mo Sista, so make sure you know our causes and where the funds raised go.

Goal Setting
Set yourself a fundraising goal, for example £100, and create a list of who you will ask for a donation. The best way to kick off your fundraising campaign is by making a donation to yourself, be sure to start early – the first week of Movember is ideal. If you really want to go for it, aim for £1000 and the Movember Platinum Club awaits!

Mo Sistas
Get the ladies on board! Mo Sistas are essential 
to Movember and are historically great with fundraising ideas, team building and organising end of Movember events...not to mention keeping morale high during those difficult early weeks of growth with a nod, a wink or some friendly encouragement. Every Mo Sista has a Mo Bro in her life that they can support through their moustache-growing journey; whether it be a friend, colleague, family member, partner or boyfriend. Ladies, get involved.

Mo's on CEOs or get your boss involved
Have a male boss? Convince him to join your team. How about getting him to auction off his Mo Style? This can be a great team-building tool and when the captain gets involved, the crew gets on board.

Auction off your Mo
A Mo is like a fingerprint; no two are exactly the same, but we have some classic styles to choose from and get you started. Have people bid on a style and the highest bid gets to choose your Mo. Download the Style Guide to choose your style.

Movember MOVE Event
This is something you can do alongside growing your Mo. It can be as simple as getting off the 
bus a few stops earlier or taking the stair instead of the lift, to organising an epic football tournament or taking part in one of our MoRunning events. How you take part is totally up to you - just get moving! .

Share your hairy journey via the internet & social media (e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) you can download the Movember App to assist you with this from your App Store. Recruit your friends by taking a selfie with a finger for a Mo with #Movember written on.

Mo Quiz
Everybody loves a good quiz! Talk to your local establishment about hosting a quiz night or you can host a cozy event at home. download your mo themed quiz right now.

Movember Party
Host your own Mo-themed shindig. You can combine other fundraising ideas listed on this article to get everybody involved - the more creative 
the better! Order your Event Kit to get the party started.

Be a gentleman
Of course this should be year round, but make that extra effort during the month formerly known as November to be a gentleman. To go along with your moustache, ask people to donate for your extra effort. With a great moustache, comes great responsibility!

Top yourself up
Does your company participate in euro matching? Have your donors claimed gift aid? It's a great way to get additional funds.