26 October 2014

Putting a glorious moustache to work by raising funds is what we love to see.  Here's a list of ways that you can fundraise.

Fundraising Tips
Putting a glorious moustache to work by raising funds is music to our ears. In case you need some ideas on how to get started or get the most bang for your buck we’ve compiled a list of fundraising tips.

Donate to yourself

 To make an impact on men’s health you’ve got to start something – growing a Mo is great, but we know any cause that’s worth fundraising for is worth donating to. Kick-start your journey with a small donation to yourself. You’ll become a hybrid fundraising/awareness-raising machine. Start now

Set Goals

Everyone likes the thrill of a challenge - set a personal fundraising goal and promote it far and wide. This is an effective and straightforward way to keep your fundraising and your moustache growing in the right direction. Did we mention all of the PRIZES you could potentially win?

Start a Team

Whether it’s an office team, a family affair, or just a gang of your best buddies, participating in Movember as a team means more Mo’s, more fun, and more funds. Everyone likes a little friendly competition, and it’s easier to stay motivated when you have a group to do it with. Donate to your friends, and have them donate to you in return. Share the love and get the momentum going!

Get The Office Involved

Donations can turn up in unlikely places – like your HR department. See if your company dollar matches, it’s an easy way to double the amount you’ve worked hard to raise! Getting the whole office involved is a great way to participate in Movember—create some inter-office competitions between departments or colleagues, and see who can raise the most money while growing the best Mo!

Make It Personal

The best way to express yourself to the Mo Community is to personalize your Mo Space. Your personal fundraising HQ can be as unique as your Mo in a few easy steps. Update your profile picture to show your progress, use the motivation section to explain your reason for supporting Movember and consider sharing your story as a spokesMo. Don’t forget to customize your URL to make it easier for your donors to find you!

Use Merchandise To Entice

We’ve got lots of tools to help you spread the word about Movember while asking for a few quid. Head to the downloads section, where you’ll find personalized posters, Facebook cover photos, donation cards, and much more. Share your Mo Space on Twitter or Facebook to show people what Movember is all about - the pre-written social shares or email templates will make it easy if you aren’t sure what to say.

Take a Selfie 

We know you love taking them, so put them to good use. Snapping a photo of your face and sharing it with others is a great way to let the world know you’re fighting the good fight for Movember! Don’t forget to include a link to your Mo Space page.

 Mo On The Move

MO on the go! Download the Made in Movember Mobile app so you can manage your hairy journey no matter where it takes you. Use the Mo Tracker to snap a daily photo and create a video of your growth to impress others.  

 All You Need To Do Is Ask

Once is never enough – strong advice when asking for donations. Lucky for you, we’ve made “the ask” so much easier with template emails, and Facebook and Twitter posts. But remember: fundraising is a conversation not a transaction. Social shares are key, but a phone call or personal message can go a long way! A donor may not know about Movember, but will be inspired by your personal connection and motivation for the cause – so be sure to share what you love about Movember. Also, be prepared to ask, and ask again. People are busy and need to be reminded of your efforts.

Know Why You Mo

People will be interested in donating to your Movember efforts once they understand more about the causes we support and the work we are doing globally. Tell the men in your life about the health risks and statistics they face, while also highlighting some of our more than 800 funded programs.  Supporters will see what Movember has accomplished, but that more work needs to be done, and they are key to helping us achieve our goals.

Celebrate Your Upper Lip

Events are a great way to show support for Movember and raise a good chunk of your fundraising goal in a short period of time. Movember is all about having fun, and we have guides on how to host all different kinds of Movember events. From Mo parties, MOVE events or Gala Partés simply rally your circle of friends to plan and attend a memorable event that will help raise money and educate your community. 

Say Thanks

Movember wouldn’t be successful with out our Mo’s and donors. Make sure your donors know they are also Made in Movember by sending a thank you note. Together we are changing the face of men’s health.