27 October 2014

Brooke Lodge Hotel on the 8th and 9th of Movember. Eat, be free.

Wild and Slow Food Fest
Wild&Slow 2014 in the BrookLodge Hotel & Macreddin Village on the 8th and 9th of Movember, is a unique festival celebrating everything that's good about Irish food: the fresh, the local, the traditional and the wild. There'll be rows of wooden stalls lining both sides of the street, with hundreds of homemade foods on display. It’s a yearlong event culminating in Movember, when the eyes of the nation will be on Wicklow for Ireland’s 4th Wild Food Harvest Festival.

Movember Ireland are delighted to be charity partners of this years' event, where we are proud to support local Irish thinkers, makers, growers and doers. This year we're all about championing what's great about our small island and we're excited to be behind such a unique gathering of Ireland's craft masters.

The folks from Wild&Slow 2014 food festival have been working hard throughout the year, providing months of community-based education, where people are reminded about the traditional skills used by their forefathers in gathering and preserving wild foods. Skills such as pickling, drying, curing, smoking, and preserving in oils, sugars and salts have been passed on in detail, as well as information about the spectacular array of wild foods available in the months leading up to the festival.

All are invited to gather and prepare their own wild food products, and encouraged to present them for sale at what will undoubtedly be Europe’s largest wild foods harvest market. From fish to pheasant, from the deep dark flavour of venison to the sticky sweetness of wild blackberry jam, a contented reliance on nature’s gifts is as slow as it gets.

Wild and Slow 2014 invite all to participate and we'll be on hand to provide all the information you need about how to get involved in Movember. Simply email your details to wildandslow@macreddin.ie and we’ll get back to you with the information that you require.

Check out some pictures and videos here