30 October 2014

At sunrise tomorrow, as the first fresh rays of the Movember sun hits your upper lip; it wil have begun,

At Dawn We Mo

At Dawn, We Mo.

Yes, that is a projection of a giant moustache on the cliffs of Moher.

No, there’s no photoshop, no touch-ups, no filters. Just homegrown Irish chancery.

It tooks months of planning and two days of filming to get the right shot. We had serious craic working with local surfers, farmers and cameramen to put everything in place for those precious few moments as the moon rose over the atlantic ocean. Don’t ask us how we managed to pull this off, but we did.

So now, we can forever say that we projected a 440 meter moustache onto the cliffs of MO’her. The amount of puns running through our heads right now are outrageous, but for all our sakes, we’ll restrain ourselves.

Tomorrow morning, at Dawn, we once again begin the 30 day journey into hairiness. It’s a pilgrimage that we travel together, where each Mo Bro and Mo Sista knows the commitment, struggle and eventual satisfaction that comes with harvesting a fine moustache. So join us this Movember, and help us change the face of men’s health. Sure we’ve already changed the face of Ireland.

Sign up here: http://bit.ly/MoIRL