19 October 2014

You get €25 off your first Uber trip when you sign up to Movember. It's our way of saying thanks for growing.

Uber: Getting Mo's moving
Life with a moustache is busy.

There are Mo Bros and Mo Sistas to meet, waxes to be sampled and different moustache styles to be seen. It's challenging work living a life of meaning and significance and maintaining a well-groomed facial masterpeice. We understand that you may be supporting a family, working long hours or just finding it a challenge to balance quality moustachery withyour busy schedule.

We understand.

So this year, we've partnered with Uber to ensure that your moustache is well travelled this Movember. We sat down with the guys at Uber and discussed how we could make the lives of MoBro's and Mo Sistas easier throughout this years campaign. We've secured free credits for all Mo Bros and Mo Sistas that sign up for  on selected days throughout Movember. It's our way of saying thanks for taking the time to grow your Mo and thanks for supporting men's health initiatives all over Ireland.

All you need to do is sign up and we'll send you your Mo codes.