19 October 2014

The creative street artist Mo Bros at Rabithole Promotions have painted some great Murals around Dublin. Check them out here.

Down the Rabithole
This year we’re celebrating the thinkers, the makers and the doers. We’re celebrating the MoBro’s and MoSista’s who take action and work to make Ireland so great. We’re a charity that does things differently. And we love to see when others do so too.  

The creative street artists at Rabithole Promotions have done just that; by painting this huge and in-your-face Mural in the main street of Rathmines.
Each year men all over the country become walking talking billboards for men’s health. Each Mo becomes a conversation starter about prostate and testicular cancer; this innovative Mo Art promises to do the same.

Over the last few years, we’ve worked with the MoBro’s and MoSista’s at Rabithole Promotions to use interesting and unusual ways to raise awareness for our cause.

Each Movember men grow moustaches and become walking, talking billboards for 30 days. Well now we have help from this static billboard, that is sure to start some interesting conversations.

To help start more conversations, and raise money to help men with prostate and testicular cancer; click the button below.

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