12 December 2013

The Shankhill Stache Squad prove show what dedication, passion and friendship can achieve...

Shankhill Stache Squad

When Daniel O'Keeffe was diagnosed with testicular cancer at just 20 years old earlier this year, his friends rallied around him, formed the Shankhill Stache Squad and took Movember by storm, rising through the ranks to become the overall highest fundraising team and take the crown as the best team with 11 or more members. Congratulations Shankhill Stache Squad!

The Shankhill Stache Squad are the embodiment of what you can achieve with passion, dedications and strong friendships. Never cowring in the face of adversity, they had a fun and successful Movember - even appearing on Ireland AM and getting messages of support from as far away as New York!

Daniel had an operation to remove the cancer. However, upon returning the doctor for a check up, it was discovered his cancer had spread to his lymph nodes. He is currently undergoing chemotherapy and is, by all accounts, doing well.