28 November 2013

Movember Presents: Beatfox - sounds to suit your style. Find and share yours today.

Sounds for your Style

They say the man does not choose the moustache, the moustache chooses the man. Even then, it may choose slowly. Celebrated beatbox artist BeatFox has found his upper lip to be a hesitant conspirator -- so he has decided to make some noise by other means.

Every style of Mo now has it's own unique sound, brought forth in all its glory by the simplest of instruments: the lungs, lips and larynx.

Find your style, revel in it and share it far and wide. You've done well to nurture you Mo into maturity - time now to unleash it into the world. And why not let it earn its own way by asking for a donation at the same time? Click the Facebook button below each video to share your style on social media.

THE BOXCAR                                                                                                 THE LAME MO

THE FU MAN CHU                                                                                          THE ABRACADABRA        

THE AFTER EIGHT                                                                                         THE MARIO        

THE ROCKSTAR                                                                                             THE WALRUS


THE WISP                                                                                                        THE CONNOISSEUR


THE REGENT                                                                                                  THE TRUCKER