10 November 2013

In the sky over Dublin there grows a giant ginger moustache...

Core Media

We have seen moustaches on planes, we’ve seen a moustache on Big Ben, we’ve even seen a mo on an historic landmark, but this year a dedicated team of Mo Bros from CoreMedia in Dublin have created a world-first – a building with a moustache that really grows.
If you’re in Dublin, look up and you will see a 3.5 metre wide ginger moustache. That moustache is connected to the internet. Every time the CoreMediaMo team receive a donation the moustaches whiskers grow by a few millimetres. By the end of Movember, it could be up to 5 metres long!
This is a great example of a community coming together to create something unique and fun in order to raise awareness about and change the face of men’s health.
You can check out the progress of this massive Mo in real-time over at the CoreMo Live Feed – why not make a donationto the CoreMedia Team while you’re there and keep the skyline of Dublin the best-looking skyline this month!
How are you making a noise this Movember? For ideas on how to get involved click here.

The CoreMedia Mo was made possible thanks to the following people: Gillette, PML, Eclipse Media, D Light, H Shiels, Magahy Broderick Associates, EML Construction, Carew Kelly Architects and Movember.