18 September 2013

Movember & the Irish Cancer Society announce ground-breaking €750,000 prostate cancer research programme.

One For All
Where The Money Goes

Movember, in conjunction with the Irish Cancer Society, is funding a ground-breaking and innovative programme here in Ireland that will see country-wide collaboration of the best minds in prostate cancer.
This programme will bring a number of independently-funded projects together for the first time, allowing the coordination and sharing of important information that has the potential to accelerate breakthroughs in the world of prostate cancer research and truly change the way we understand the disease. John Fitzpatrick, the Irish Cancer Society’s head of research, said:
“It’s a pleasure for the Irish Cancer Society to work with Movember and the prostate cancer research community in Ireland on this grant which aims to transform our understanding of prostate cancer through new and creative research ideas.  It is our hope that this grant will form the basis of a research programme that will lead to significant improvements for prostate cancer patients.”
Collaboration is fundamental to the success of this programme. By targeting projects that are centred on a common theme and encouraging researchers to come together to share ideas and data, the rate of discovery and results will increase.
“The Irish prostate cancer community is very well placed to make a strong contribution to transforming the clinical management of prostate cancer,” said Paul Villanti, Executive Director of Programmes at Movember, “[and we are] delighted to make this significant investment to support the Irish research community improve the lives of men diagnosed and living with prostate cancer.”
This is an exciting opportunity for the prostate cancer research community in Ireland to be part of, and define, a novel and important programme.
The call for applications opened on Wednesday, September 18th and closes at 3pm on Wednesday 30th October.

For more information, please visit the Irish Cancer Society's website here.