2 October 2012

You’ve asked for it and here it is. All new for Movember this year, bigger, bushier and better than ever.

What's New In 2012
You've asked for it and here it is. All new for Movember this year, bigger, bushier and better than ever:

You don’t have to Mo alone
The Team Mo Space - you asked for it, so we’ve given it to you. You no longer have to navigate the Team Captain’s Mo Space to check out team activity. We’ve given your team its own area for fundraising, updates and photos of your Mo progress.
Get Involved
This whole section has been revamped with new sections dedicated to Schools, Universities, Workplace, Communities, Sport, Mo Sistas and Network Challenges.
Network Challenges
This year we are introducing a new network challenge: The Gaming Challenge. This will give the global gaming community the chance to unlock the Moustache.
Downloads in your Mo Space
There are brand new customisable party posters, thank you posters and Facebook timeline banners, to name but a few of the downloadable goodies available this year to help you along your Mo journey.
Everything the moustache aficionado will ever need to know about the magnificent Mo. Inspiration, tips, styling, history and much, much Mo.
New Ireland Gala Partés
With such a strong Movember community, Sligo has been added to the roster of Gala Partés, giving the Mo Bros and Mo Sistas of Sligo their very own end-of-month celebration extravaganza.
New Countries
The Movember campaign has stretched its moustache tendrils to the far corners of the globe and welcomed seven more countries into the family business: France, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Singapore – the more Mo’s the merrier!
Mobile App
Coming soon - keep your eyes peeled for when the new mobile app will be up and running.
Mobile Website
A shiny new mobile website will be available soon for your delight and delectation, where you can donate and check out your Mo Space on the go.