16 August 2020

MR PORTER Launches First Health In Mind Exclusive With Rapha and Movember

Movember, Rapha and MR PORTER team up for exclusive release raising funds for Health In Mind initiative


Today we are proud to announce the launch of an exclusive sports capsule and collection of cycling jerseys, designed in close collaboration with MR PORTER, Rapha and Movember. Dedicated to raising awareness, funds and community engagement in support of MR PORTER’s Health In Mind, a fundraising and content initiative in partnership with Movember.

 Inspired by Rapha’s archive catalogue and produced in MR PORTER Health In Mind’s signature green colourway, each cycling jersey will cost €150 and feature a unique MR PORTER Health In Mind label.

All net-profits from the sale of each jersey will be donated to the MR PORTER’s Health In Mind Fund, powered by Movember, which supports Movember’s men’s mental and physical health initiatives around the world.

Movember co-founder Justin Coghlan said:

“Over the past few months, we’ve seen more and more men turn to cycling as a way to improve their physical fitness as well as their mental health and wellbeing. There’s a passionate cycling community out there and we want riders to help us by doing what they enjoy the most, but this time united behind a cause. Globally, one man takes his own life every minute, and the funds raised with this collaboration will go to the MR PORTER Health In Mind Fund powered by us at Movember, enabling us to continue to tackle the issues that so many men face.”

To celebrate the launch of this exclusive Rapha capsule, MR PORTER has produced a dedicated story and short film starring two friends, Messrs Leon Cerrone and George Marshall, who discuss how their friendship was forged through a shared passion for cycling and how that friendship was instrumental in saving Mr Cerrone when he hit rock bottom. The story will debut on 20 August in MR PORTER’s online magazine, The Journal and will be shared across Movember's own channels.

Click here to learn more about MR PORTER Health In Mind.