20 October 2016

The barbershop is a safe house for men to talk. Mo & Co. Barbershop offers haircuts and hot-towel shaves - in addition to a consulation and men's health check from our doctor. 

Mo & Co. Collaborative Barbershop
Barbershops are uniquely placed to act as an intervention point for men’s health. In a recent UK poll of over 2,000 men, 52% said they trusted their barber more than their doctor to discuss private and/or sensitive matters. By providing health checks for in an informal, familiar environment we can remove barriers and stigmas that often prevent men from taking control of their health.

In an effort to help men take control of their health and become more aware of the risks they face we’re opening Mo & Co., a collaborative barbershop from Thursday 27th of October to Tuesday 1st of November. The shop takes its inspiration from the barber-surgeons of the 18th century who, after a seven-year apprenticeship were qualified to perform a variety of medical services and surgeries in addition to haircuts and shaves. 

An appointment at Movember & Co will consist of a haircut and hot-towel shave as well as an on-site consultation with a doctor, and men’s health check. Appointments are open to the public and are free – although a donation to Movember when you’re there would be very nice.

Book now at ie.movember.co

Opening times
•    Thursday 27th 12 – 8PM
•    Friday 28th 12 – 8PM
•    Saturday 29th 11AM – 7PM
•    Sunday 30th  12 – 5PM
•    Monday (BH) 31st 12 – 5PM
•    Tuesday 1st 9AM – 5PM

53 South WIlliam Street, Dublin 2