18 November 2015

For the first time, we're partnering with Ireland's biggest sporting organisation, the GAA, and with the Gaelic Players Association (GPA) - perfect organisations to get really the men's health conversation going in Ireland.

Movember Joins Forces With The GAA
The GAA is a huge sporting, cultural and social organisation - more than half a million people throughout the country engage with it on some level, and it provides a hugely important role in communities throughout the country. And now it, and the Gaelic Players' Association, are partnering with Movember to help raise the profile of men's health - from the grassroots club level, right up to the All Stars Mo Bros who have recently come on board.

When it was announced in October that we were partnering with these organisations, Twitter exploded and our poor high-profile Mo Bros kindly allowed themselves to be pimped out for photocalls in a huge range of national publications.

This media coverage really helped to get the men's health conversation going in a very public fashion, as did players speaking very candidly about their personal battles with men's cancers (see Noel McGrath speaking about how he recently overcame his battle with testicular cancer to regain his place on the Senior Tipperary Hurling sqaud in the video below). What we are now doing is engaging with all the local clubs around the country, so that men and women can talk about men's health issues in an evironment where they normally spend time, and are fully comfortable - such as the club house of their local football or hurling club. This engagement will take some time, but it's only a matter of time before moustachery, and frank and informal conversations - and fundraising activities - will be a pretty normal thing in all clubs around the country.