27 October 2015

Being active makes a huge difference to both your physical wellbeing – but most Irish people just aren’t active enough. That’s why we're bringing you National Take the Stairs Day.


Take The Stairs Day
Ireland is set to become the most obese nation in Europe, with only 41% of Irish adults exercising for at least 20 minutes three times a week.

To help us fight this inactivity in Ireland as part of our MOVE, a number of nationwide shopping centres have come on board in support of National Take the Stairs Day by turning off one travellator within the centre on Friday 30th October.

You’ll still have the option to take the working travellator, or the lift – but we’ll be doing our very best to discourage you on the Day. This does not, however, mean that we are offering to carry your shopping for you.

At each stopped travellator, you’ll be greeted by our band of MO-tivators who are there to cheer you to the top. The idea is to get you to MOVE, and hopefully bring a smile to your day.

This year’s participating shopping centres are: St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin; Eyre Square, Galway; MacDonagh Junction, Kilkenny. Even if you don’t find yourselves at one of these shopping centres on Friday, think about using the stairs for the day at every opportunity, instead of taking the lift.