I tried opening up to a friendImage by: Ameziane
27 June 2022

Top YouTubers Partner With Movember To Support Young Men

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Following the success of last year’s YouTube Influencers campaign, reaching over 8 million guys, we have expanded our work with top content creators to continue to support our younger Mo Bros mental health.

Research conducted by Movember showed young men aged 15 to 20 in the UK, specifically those from a lower income background, experience poorer wellbeing, and significantly higher levels of psychological distress post pandemic. Through focus groups and workshops men told us when it comes to managing their emotions, they aren’t expressing how they feel, leading to a build-up of feelings that are hard to manage alone and can have a long-term impact on their mental health.

Working in close collab with Movember, YouTubers Calfreezy, Ameziane, Akafi Ali and SV2 have already launched videos opening up on camera to a close friend – showing other guys how it’s done.Each of them goes on a journey with a mate and has a shoulder-to-shoulder conversation, and already we have seen viewers sharing their love for the content with one commenting “I finally found the confidence needed to open up and honestly I feel so much better" after watching it.

This summer we look forward to seeing further videos from four other top creators.

" I finally found the confidence needed to open up and honestly I feel so much better "

We know that young men are happy to help a mate in need and be there for their bros going through hard times. But when they themselves feel overwhelmed, or in need of support, they’re not reaching out. Our YouTubers have a staggering reach, and we know from our work last year this project can positively impact the lives of their subscribers through leading by example, and letting viewers see their more vulnerable side.