Two Mo Bros dancing and celebrating.
Hit your target. We dare you.Image by: Movember
Two Mo Bros dancing and celebrating.
5 October 2022

How to hit your target before the finish line

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You’re on the home stretch. Are you on the way to hit your goals? How’s your motivation? Does a teammate need one more message of encouragement or a well-chosen inspirational meme?

A good way to re-charge your fundraising batteries is to remind yourself why you're doing this. You're supporting life-changing mental health initiatives, groundbreaking men’s health research and scientific breakthroughs for cancer treatments.

Here are some tips to send you flying past your fundraising target.

Tips for if you’re fundraising solo

Remind people why you’re doing Movember

Most of us fundraise for Movember because it means something to us. Reminder your supporters of why you Mo and why men’s health needs their donation. If you asked them for a donation at the start of the month, there’s a high chance they simply forgot. So, don’t be afraid to take the opportunity to ask again.

Mo the extra mile

If you’ve spent the month carefully cultivating your moustache, what would your supporters pay to see happen to it? Dye it, keep it till the end of the year, let your highest donor name your Mo, fly your stache half-mast (shave off one side).

Go out with a bang

Up the stakes in the final stages of the month by taking on a dare or setting yourself an end-of-month challenge. Sneak in a one-week squat challenge, wear fancy dress in public for a day, go live on your social channels and take on karaoke requests.

Set up a social media fundraiser

Some platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitch, allow you to set up a fundraiser within their app. Which means your network can donate to you or Movember with one click.

Tips if you’re fundraising in a team or workplace

Plan an end-of-month event

Get your team together (and tell ‘em to bring their friends) to celebrate a month of hair-raising fundraising efforts. Bring in last minute donations with a raffle, auction or a donation for food & drinks.

Fire up some friendly competition

A dose of healthy rivalry can go a long way. Let your crew know who’s topping the team leaderboard and challenge the chasers to catch them. Glory is up for grabs for the Mo who raises the most in your team. If you’re part of a Movember Challenge, take a look at the teams sitting around you on the leaderboard and rally your team to overtake your competition.

Corporate matching

Have you spoken to your employer about corporate matching yet? Many companies, big and small, offer this as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR). Basically, whatever amount you donate or raise, your employer will match. Just ask your manager or someone in HR whether they do it (it's sometimes called dollar matching or gift matching).