We hope you know by now that your fundraising efforts have helped us achieve our most successful year to date, but what you might not know is what happens next in the Movember cycle. We wanted to take this opportunity to explain what the process is from our end and what we work on outside of Moustache Season, please read on.

We keep donations open year round, however, for reporting purposes we close the financial year on April 30 and it is at this point that we’ll know exactly how much has been raised from the Movember 2011 campaign. In May, PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC) audit our financials and we determine the exact amounts that will be directed towards prostate cancer programmes in Ireland, through the Action Prostate Cancer and the Movember Foundation.
In the time up until this point, the team will be working closely with each of our partners to decide on the programmes we’d like to support. It goes without saying that we take this process extremely seriously; it’s not simply a matter of handing over the funds. It is a collaborative process and we work together with our partners on developing world-class research and survivorship strategies in line with our long-term strategic goals.
What’s exciting is that our unique global perspective gives us a helicopter view of prostate cancer programmes happening around the world, allowing us to help our partners by facilitating collaboration, removing duplication and sharing best practice; all of which help to accelerate outcomes in the field. This position and knowledge is what resulted in us formulating our Global Action Plan (GAP) last year; the first program to be funded directly by Movember and involving our partners from across the globe. We’re truly proud and excited about the potential this new collaborative approach has and we look forward to sharing further details with you during the year. In the meantime, further information can be found here.
Once PWC complete the audit the results will be included in our Annual Report, which will be available for download from our website in September 2012. If you’d like to review our past Annual Reports, please visit the Annual Reports page.


We make a lot of noise during the month of Movember and ask a lot from the Movember community; so we promise not to be so demanding of your attention outside of Movember! We would however, like to keep you informed of how your funds are being used and the impact our programmes are having on the lives of men and their families dealing with prostate cancer. So, we’re going to be sending you a few emails specifically focused on outcomes during the year. We hope this will help you appreciate the incredible work that is being carried out as a direct result of your fundraising efforts.
Outside of the outcomes emails, there are other ways to stay informed with what we’re doing outside of Moustache Season. Go onto Movember.com and take a look at the below pages:
·         News Pages – the News Pages are where you can keep up to date with the latest news coming out of Movember – not only relating to outcomes but also information and updates on the funding cycle, news from our men’s health partners and general men’s health news that we think will be of interest to you.
·         Programmes We Fund  – it’s here you’ll be able to find the latest information on the different programmes Movember is funding, through our men’s health partners and through the Movember Foundation, notably our Global Action Plan (GAP).


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You can also always email us at info.ie@movember.com or give us a call on 01 442 8590. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have, or help you start planning for 2012.

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