Get Involved

As a Mo Sista

A Mo Sista loves moustaches and is dedicated to supporting the men in her life and promoting the importance of men’s health. Mo Sistas are champions of men’s health, not only encouraging the men in their lives to grow a Mo, but actively signing up and raising funds and awareness themselves to change the face of men’s health. 

Sign up

Officially commit to changing the face men’s health by signing up for Movember now.

Get Talking

Have a chat with a man in your life about their health to spread awareness for the cause. Encourage men to grow or get other Mo Sistas to sign up.

Create or Join a Team

There is strength in numbers, so recruit your friends, family and co-workers involved in the cause.

Raise Funds

As a Mo Sista, you don’t need to show a Mo to raise funds for Movember. Share your dedication by hosting a fundraising event or get creative  - all the tools needed to ask for donations are at your Mo Space, your fundraising headquarters.

Give Mo Love

A wink, a nod, a smile or word of encouragement can make all the difference to a Mo Bro and his moustache.

Celebrate the Mo Journey

Take pride in your efforts to change the face of men’s health by hosting a Mo Party or join other Mo Bros and Mo Sistas at an official Movember Gala – the costume party Mo’s are growing for.

Mo Sistas to be proud of

eBay Inc. Ireland

eBay Inc. Ireland & Partner



Ciara was team captain of eBay Inc. Ireland, a team she managed to recruit a staggering 296 Mo’s too!  Ciara organised a fancy dress Halloween launch party for the team on the 31st of October and rallied the troops for a shave off event in the office at the end of the month.  A fellow Mo Sista in the team drew whiskers on to her face that grew for each day of Movember.

€1,036 (€1,026 of which was Tracey alone!)
Movember Central


In 2013, Tracey decided she was going to try and get her hometown of Navan to rally together for Movember. Running her own events company in a pub, Tracey was best placed to throw a huge Movember party at the end of the month. She managed to get the support of her local rugby team and auctioned off prizes to raise funds for her Movember team. Tracey increased fundraising by charging €1 for Mo-inspired DJ requests during the night.

Hints & Tips

  • Keep it personal. Complete your Mo Space by uploading a profile picture and personalising your motivation, explaining why you are standing up for men’s health 
  • Set yourself a fundraising goal and create a list of family, friends and colleagues who you could approach for a donation
  • Give them the Nod.  A wink, a smile or a small word of encouragement can make all the difference to a Mo Bro and his moustache
  • Hit the inbox. Email is one of the best and easiest ways to ask for a donation
  • Use social media. Ask for donations through a Facebook post or tweet. Keep it social and get your friends and family involved
  • Track your progress. Snap your Mo supporting efforts and share photos to keep your supporters up-to-date on your activities 
  • Say thank you. You’re not in this alone. Send personal a thank you to recognise everyone who supports your Movember efforts